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About Us

When Miracle & Calpernia founded  Nothing Like It Events, at the time the sole vision  was of building a business that would accommodate anyone's vision and budget; because who doesn't deserve to have the event of their dreams right? Well, we quickly  developed into a small distinctive event planning business that creates one-of-a-kind celebratory experiences for all clients. We both concluded that we favor quality over quantity and this sensibility has allowed each of our clients to receive our full and complete attention as well as access to the finest, most reliable preferred vendors in the industry. This ultimately became the key to our success and why we are consistently  able to create events that are unique, affordable, beautiful, elegant, and never cookie-cutter. Just A Small Unique Family Business providing A NOTHING LIKE IT EXPERIENCE. With more than a decade of experience planning weddings and events, we're experts in perfecting the details and creating the extraordinary for each stellar client . We always utilize our passion for bringing people together to celebrate. Because of our original experiences, we understand that emotions can run high during the planning process and that is why we believe that being a planner, or a coordinator is about more than timelines and checklists. It’s about being a partner, friend, family and confidant. It’s about listening and guiding. It’s about inspiring and creating an amazing experience. We want to know who you are and what you love – your favorite foods, art, music, and activities so you can relax as we take care of everything. We exist so that you can enjoy your celebration & leave the stress behind and take in the beauty of seeing your vision come to life. Over the years, we realized our clients are intensely busy professionals who depend on us to make their Planning, Styling, and Catering process stress-free and to discover what will make their day uniquely special. We make it simple for our clients - and simple isn't easy! At our core, we are a culture of action and imagination. With Our industry knowledge, flair for the fabulous, professional and impeccable execution it has given us a killer eye for detail and an exceptional ability to think ahead. There is truly nothing we can’t handle! Every  stellar client will EXPERIENCE BRILLIANCE!


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